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In this day and age of social media, home buying has been made a bit easier by the ability to search for either a real estate agent or for a home via social media. Never before have homebuyers had more access to good real estate agent reviews, or the ability to communicate with agents than on social media. If you are looking for a real estate agent, you can simply ask your friends via instant messenger or by posting on your wall, and you are sure to get a lot of responses telling you who to go with.

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Real Estate agents are spending more money on social media than ever before targeting buyers, and trying to get them to visit their webpage to search for homes. We have spoken to multiple brokers who have used Facebook to kickstart their business. Colorado Real Estate Pros is one that posts regular updates about helping homebuyers search for homes. You can see their stellar page by clicking the link here: Colorado Real Estate Pros.

Every morning, on my drive to the office, I listen to the radio, and hear Real Estate agents, who must spend thousands upon thousands of dollars advertising their services every month, talking about how they will sell your home within a certain time frame, and if they don’t, they will either buy the home, or pay you cash! This is a new tactic that we have never heard before, but there’s agents like Rob Kittle, Chad Madlom, and a few others that have a ‘fast sale guarantee’.

The only problem in working with agents like that is you are rarely guaranteed to actually speak with Rob or Chad. You are more than likely to speak with their assistants or brokers that are working under them. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but if you are looking to speak with one agent and one only, you might want to consider going with another realtor who actually will be with you the entire step of the way. Our guess (and this is just a guess), is that you won’t really do much work with the head brokers that get all the publicity.

Either way, Rob, Chad, and multiple other brokers will surely take care of you, and the market right now for homes is so good for sellers, and buyers alike. Other than Facebook, there are multiple other social media sites that you can search for homes, or real estate agents. Yelp, Google Plus, Yahoo Local are three great ways to find real estate agents. If you are searching on Yelp or Google Plus, make sure that you check out reviews of brokers (if there are any posted on their pages), as that will normally give you an indication of how those brokers were received by their customers. A lot of realtors will also have twitter pages, where they will post regular updates on their services, and let homebuyers and sellers know what to expect in the coming months.

Angie Spangler is a great real estate agent in the Fort Collins area, who has taken advantage of all the social media outlets to get the word out on her services to the northern Colorado region. Angie sells about 50-60 homes per year, and you will only deal with her or her assistant on each transaction.

When it comes to social media, you certainly have your pick of the real estate agent population, and you can find out much more than from just visiting a simple old website.

We hope that you visit tsurch.com again for all of your real estate information and needs!

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